INDIGO-i is a 3D modeling and planning system, designed to quickly and dramatically improve situational awareness for tactical operators in harm’s way. By combining computer vision technology research and hard-won tactical expertise, INDIGO-i helps tactical leaders improve planning, reduce risk, and ultimately arm their teams with life-saving knowledge on the objective.


Visualize a geospatially accurate virtual model in the same way that a bird can visualize the real world. Total control of your position and orientation—an omniscient view of the physical space.

Zero Metadata Process

Use virtually any imagery, collected via virtually any method. Satellite, aerial, and street view imagery all contribute to your virtual planning world. No imagery metadata is required to integrate into the model.


Develop accurate and actionable 3D models in a fraction of the time of other methods—with no requirement for physical access to or remote sensor measurement of the site. A foolproof method for quickly providing risk-mitigating knowledge to the operator.